Sunday, March 26, 2017

The First Week of Spring

Sunset and Storms

The new season begins with a nice mix of weather. On the first day of spring we are happy to officially welcome back sunset season. One of my favorite technological advancements over the past few years have been the easy to use panorama feature on my phone (I'll get into time-lapse and slo-mo later).  This pano is a reminder to always look behind you when watching the sunset. Often the sunlight will hit high clouds above the opposite horizon. 

Of course the highlight of the evening is the sun itself.

The next day storms were expected and looking at the visible satellite before leaving work got my hopes up for some storm shots at sunset. 

The sky was a bit messy and blown out at sunset. 

The storms did come. They arrived after sunset for the first great light show of the season. The lightning was frequent enough at first to use regular video and then I switched to the slo-mo feature on my phone. It takes a long time to find the lighting in slo-mo video and then after a rough edit, I slowed down some of the clips even more. Here is the finished product from about a half hour of storms. 

After a great light show, the end of the week brought a nice sundog and another great sunset. 

Spring has begun! 

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